1980 XS400 Chain Rubbing


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Hey guys! I've got a 1980 XS400 that I'm almost done building for my brother. This thing was the perfect candidate for a scrambler build so that's exactly what I did. DOT knobbies, 15 in rear shocks, xs360 front spoke/disc rim, single 2into1 exhaust, all that. Looks good and runs good, but haven't ridden it quite yet. One of the last things I've gotta sort out is I bought an o-ring 530 chain for it along with new sprockets and it rubs the case up near the front sprocket. I saw I'm not the only one that's discovered this but doesn't seem like there's a lot of solutions out there and someone even said just send it, it'll wear down and clear eventually but there wasn't much on that thread so I figured I'd get a second opinion 😅. Do I need to get a regular chain or just send it with this one? Maybe some sort of shim behind the front sprocket? Thanks guys.
Also, I can get plenty of movement out of it, I can still push the bike around the shop and spin the rear tire off the ground with the o ring chain, so it's not rubbing so much I can't move it, but it's just enough to get me a bit worried. Not quite sure what the right move is. Thanks guys!
The bike was designed for a non-o-ring chain. The o-ring chain is physically larger, so it can rub. I don't think the potential benefits of longer chain life outweigh the unknown issues of a case rub. So, if it were me I would just put a standard 530 chain on it, clean/lube it more often and call it done.
I'd agree with the captain. I put a new non-oring chain on last year without any issues, the original chain had 14k miles and 45 years on it. The cases aren't very thick, so I don't think it's worth the potential damage.
it's far from done but it's getting there for sure!