It Runs!! But no filters.


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Hey guys. did my carbs. It idles!! But not right yet.,,,,,, Air filter material is falling apart.....I got it alll cleaned off the metel mesh. But i need new foam to wrap the screen with. Does amazon have anything that would work??Need new foam
UNI foam sheets is what you are looking for. You can get them from about 10 million places.

UNI is pretty good stuff.
ok yea see it on amazon. the green stuff is 5/8 thick --65 ppi and then there is some 3/8 stuff that is 40 ppi. I think the green is the ticket right??................
What about attaching it to the metal frames. I have siliconcaulk. permatex #2 nonhardening gasket maker or i also have Yamabond #4 What have you guys used. ??
You can probably use just about anything to be honest, gorilla glue, hot glue, silicon. I'd think the more important part is making sure the edges are glued so no air leaks, then thin glue curvy stream for the center. If you can see the old factory glue marks, just try to replicate that.
I used the green UNI foam and glued it as @tstidham said. I can't remember what exactly I used, but it was some type of contact cement.
UNI Filter 2.JPG

Before install, I spayed the foam with UNI filter oil and plan to clean and re-oil them when I do winter layup.