My new XS400 special II

Howdy all, and a happy Easter to everyone !

Went to an autojumble just down the road today (1/2 mile away !!!), and picked up a few nice bits for the bike ... got an Haynes manual and some 8" ape bars for 12 bucks ... I fitted the bars straight away and I have to say they are much more comfortable on the bike. I'm 5'8" and average build but I found the buckhorns made my wrists ache as they forced me angle my hands. I'm also not used used to having my grips so low. This means that I felt myself feeling pushed off the bike at high speed. The apes have fixed that completely, they look great, they suit the bike and because they're slightly wider and higher I feel way more control above 60mph ... really really recommend them
Another great ride out today ...

I've adjusted the chain and tightened it to spec (It was a bit too loose). The bike is an utter joy to ride now, I'm absolutely loving it now that the bars are comfortable for me ... I can ride comfortably for easily over an hour within any hint of wrist pain and I find her so much more rideable. I have never had such a responsive free revving 400, she really just begs to be let loose.

Here's pics of her with the new bars:
Had original tires on it. After i changed tires. and chain, i have had it up to 80. still need to do carbs. I think your side covers used to be what mine are originally. glad to see your bike. its really clean