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I'm trying to find a second tank for my bike and I'm pretty sure I won't find an xs400 tank in Ukraine, neither drop style nor the boxy one (which won't fit anyway).

Does anyone know if there's any other model I could try? Preferably it has to be a direct fit or at least with very minor mods needed.

I've searched the forum, but could only find topics about changing tanks between different models of XS400.

Anyone had luck with fitting a tank from a different bike?

My bike is a 1980 special with the VIN starting with 4G5.
Sportster style tank fits with a little modification. Mostly with the petcock. I had to drill a hole through the front collar about where the original tank mount pads were. For the rear I made a bracket. Of course you can't use the original seat either. I made a seat from scratch. The fuel petcock was tricky. You will be using gravity instead of a vacuum petcock, but this isn't a problem. The problem will be clearance with the backbone frame and petcock. If I had to do it over I probably would have looked into a "mustang" type tank, but not sure if it would have helped much.


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Thank you, but I need the most simple solution there is. The reason I'm looking for a second tank is that in May I want to go to another country and my documents say that my motorcycle color is red. The only red part on it is the tail light.
So I'm looking for any tank that I would paint red and that would be easy to install.
Just get an xs400 tank, there's no good alternatives and you should be able to get one on the german ebay
Old post but : Theres nothn illegal with another paint or another non-stock tank on your bike. the important thing is that the motor and frame number matches your papers.
That may depend on where a person is, where the bike is registered, and how a police officer feels at that particular time. I know that my registration papers state the colour of my bike, this was verified by the mechanic who performed the required safety inspection, and I was asked if this was correct when I registered the bike in my name.

I would want the bike to match the description on the registration papers, regardless of what is technically required. Even more so if I was traveling to other countries.
This depends on country. For example in Slovakia, its a quite issue, its illegal to have a vehicle with different color that in papers. Well its stupid, but also many things are completely crazy here, you wont believe..
Over here I recently changed the registered colour when I transferred the bike's registration into my name.
Didn't take a minute. The paperwork now matches the bike.

Might be able to do the same.