What did you do with your XS today?


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I frequent another forum for my 3 wheelers, and they have a thread like this. Its kind of an on going thing, thought it might be cool here, Instead of " how do I clean and adjust my carbs"! lol Today I re-mounted my front turn signals and the chain gaurd, cause its shiny and my bike needed abit more bling! then I putted around the nieghborhood. Also adjusted the chain. Whos next?!! I just thought, Maybe I put this in the wrong spot, it might get more action in the garage?:shrug:
Walked by the pile of parts today, figuring who's gonna finish that one.
newly rebuit petcock attached to newly de-rusted gas tank, tank cap on.

Thanks for the suggestion XSChris about the ArmorAll on the tight petcock o-ring lever action, did that at the time and still turns with just the right amount of effort . . not like i'm tearing the o-ring up as i turn it.

Do you mean the o-ring? I use a little armorall works good. I guess a little grease would work.
Today I threw away the rear section of my frame and my bent up ass Harley tank. I tack welded my new backbone to the neck so I couldn't twist it and ruin another gas tank. Then shoved all the Yamaha shit off to the side so I could strip my Honda heads. I need my car back!
got some goodies in the mail and on the bike. Clutch lever and NGK plug boots from MikesXS.
Oil filter assy O-Ring and by-pass oil filter bolt (came with the small o-ring on, nice) also on.
Replaced my ignition switch, as it was causing me grief, and decided to move it down on to the left side cover. thought about mounting an oil pressure gauge where the switch used to be, until the wife told me to go get a truck load of fire wood!:doh:
Patched another hole in my original silencers,
adjusted chain,
pulled plugs gapped cleaned them,
adjusted clutch cable,
adjusted front brake cable,
added sea foam to gas tank
checked lectrolyte level on battery and plugged her back onto the charger
Emgo Dunstall Reverse cone mufflers ordered from Niche on eBay for total of $145.90.
Pretty inexpensive (cheaper than on the their own website).
Be interesting to see how "Cheap" they turn out to be. As one ebayer selling for $97 each put it:
Emgo Universal Dunstall Style Reverse Cone Muffler. Fits 1 3/4", 1 5/8" & 1 1/2" ID adaptor. Muffler complete with inlet clamp & sliding bracket. 27 3/4" Long wide-mouth outlet. Emgo # 80-84051(see pics)0500-047 This is a nice inexpensive muffler. It will look great on a bike. However if you are looking for a muffler with a high doller chrome job this is not the muffler for you.
ordered a SUPER-CHEAP chain for $33.00 total with shipping. Using search on XS400 forum learned don't need o-ring :) also new plan is to save $ not replacing sprockets immediately and if the chain wears out oh well. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WPS-Motorcycle-ATV-Heavy-Duty-530H-102-LINKS-CHAIN-/120768461389
Not so sure need the H (heavy duty), tensile strength is7480. Presumably pre-stretched and don't even know what Quad Staked riveted pins means :shrug:
Bought Stuff. More stuff! More $$.
Gallon of 10w-40. Got the Kawi. (oops) $8 cheaper than Yamalube!
Vacuum tube/line (1 ft) for petcock.
Chain lube.
Cable ties for handlebar/cables.
Dialectric grease, big tube, better deal.
New black fuel line spring-type clamps. (details)
And because it's hard to find and it was half price closeout or something. .
. . Turtle Wax Clay Bar / Ice. (Mothers or Meguiar's maybe better and $21, I paid $10)