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Hello again! I am replacing the wheel bearings and had the damndest time getting them out. In doing so I bent the flange that goes around the spacers. Was there an easier way of getting these out without destroying the flange? I worked on this for a total of 3 days so I wasn't trying to rush anything. Are they super important? That may be a dumb question.


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Getting wheel bearings out always gives me a fright because of the possibility of destroying parts like these. The way I get bearings out is to:
1. Move the spacer to the side a bit using the end of a long flat blade screwdriver inserted through the bearing that won't be driven out. Put the blade on the end of the spacer for the other bearing and then using the screwdriver as a lever, move the spacer to one side a bit. You will only get s small amount of movement, but it will give you a space on the bearing the width of a red cunt hair. That will be enough.
2. Sharpen up a flat punch by filing the end as flat as you can and removing any burrs from the sides so that there is a sharply defined square edge at the bottom.
3. Get a big hammer, place the punch in the wheel and make sure the edge is seated on the ledge of the bearing and give the punch a whack.
4. Curse when the bearing does not come out and repeat the above until it does.

Some gentle heat around the bearing area on the aluminum hub only can also help some. Looks like the flanges and the rear spacer are still available from Yamaha. The front one is not, however.
I forgot to address the "are these parts important?" question. I think so. Every Japanese bike from this era seems to have these and most likely the dumbest engineer in those design departments was likely smarter than me, so I put these back in the same as they were before I took them out.
Thanks CaptChrome. I followed the instructions you described pretty spot on. I got a little too aggressive with my tapping and they ended up bending. I'll order new flanges.
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