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How do you remove a muffer from the exhaust

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by kindest, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. kindest

    kindest XS400 Addict

    Ordered some new Ergo Shorty's to put on my '80. Gonna hack up my spare exhaust to put on my mufflers but not sure how to get the mufflers off so the new ones will slide on.


    the right side goes to the engine the left side goes to the muffler. It looks like about an inch left of the hole is where the muffler is welded to the pipe. Do I just cut there with an angle grinder. Do I need to save that metal bracket that is welded and bent over to join the two.
  2. Da Kine Kid

    Da Kine Kid XS400 New Member

    Wow, what perfect timing! I'm in the same boat actually. I just got some Mac Performance 2-into-2 taper tip slip-on mufflers to replace the stock mufflers that had completely rotted out on my 81 XS400S.

    These are them:


    I removed both header pipes and the part where the mufflers mount to the frame today after I got home from work.
    Man, getting the flanges off from the engine was tough as hell! Aside from that, very simple and straightforward. I only needed 10-12mm wrenches, a crescent wrench and some serious elbow grease to get those flanges off.

    I also noticed that the stock mufflers were welded to the header pipe. I thought I was going to get off easy, and just pry out the mufflers from the header pipes. Nope!

    My kit came with some clamps to fasten the mufflers to the header pipes. I think what I'm going to have to end up doing is, very carefully cut the muffler from the header pipe, then sand and polish the header pipe before fitting it into the muffler and clamping it. They key here is going to be making sure I cut it off at precisely the right point, so that it fits snugly and still is able to be bolted on where the muffler meets the frame. I'm planning on giving it a shot tomorrow after work, so will post my results as well as pictures and commentary.

    Kindest, for my mufflers it looks like I would have to cut them off about an inch or two to the right of the hole in your picture.

    Depending on how it looks and sounds, I may have them welded on later.

    Another concern is whether I'll have to rejet the carbs after to make it run well. Will have to wait and see how they work after I get them on though.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.
  3. kindest

    kindest XS400 Addict

    hmm ya that probably would make more sense now that I look at it. :p
  4. Da Kine Kid

    Da Kine Kid XS400 New Member

    Update: I was unable to get to it yesterday, but finally managed to get the new mufflers on and running. I cut them off about an inch to the right of the hole in the picture kindest posted, right after the taper ends. I started off with a hacksaw, but after about a minute, realizing how long that would take(and cutting my knuckle badly in the process), I took a sawz-all to the pipes and made short work of it. Like other people have noted, there is a second pipe inside of the header, where they connect to the muffler. I just sawed right through it. I sanded down the burs and tested the mufflers on the newly cut header pipes. They slid on perfectly and snugly.

    :wtf: Getting the header pipe back on to the engine was by far the longest, hardest and most frustrating part of the whole process! I honestly have no f-ing idea how they expect those flanges to come off and go back on. It's like the holes on the flange are spaced wider than the bolts. I got the first one on with the spacers and header pipe with a rubber mallet and a lot of swearing. When I got to the second one and started having the same problems, I said F it, I'm taking a drill to these holes. I used my drill to score the holes to make them slightly wider in diameter. That made it much easier to fit back on.

    I secured the mufflers to the frame with the bolts and made sure the collar was nice and tightly fastened to the collar.

    At long last, I fired up my bike to hear the new mufflers. I love the look and sound of these mufflers! I'll post some pics and maybe vid this weekend for everyone to see.
  5. kindest

    kindest XS400 Addict

    awesome glad you got it going on. I've taken the exhaust on and off a couple times never had that much trouble getting the pipes back on as you. I got my new mufflers in the mail and I chopped my exhaust.


    I know I got to chop them again. I used an angle grinder but sawsaz might be the better bet for a straight cut.

    Waiting to see your pics how they turned out
  6. snohmann

    snohmann Applied yeehaw

    I'm probabley too late here but what the heck... maybe some one can dig this up later... i noticed in the picture the mufflers are "tacked" to the header pipe with some welds ... if you have a wheel grinder you grind down the tack points and then heat the muffler with a torch so it expands .. then you should he able to tap the muffler off of the header pipe with a rubber mallet. Heating metal to expand and loosen is a good tool for many things .. also, grinding welds can be a pain in the neck, know for sure before you tack! ...

    Posted via Mobile
  7. Da Kine Kid

    Da Kine Kid XS400 New Member

    Here's some pics of the finished product. You can see where the mufflers attach to the header pipes and how they look on the bike. I love the sound, they've got a nice throaty growl.
    Next on my to-do list is to seriously clean and detail my bike. It got a lot of use for the first half of the summer last year, but I've barely used it since then, and it's been sitting under a cover in an open garage. So plenty more little maintenance and little things to get it up to top shape. It was having trouble idling for the first 5-10 miles, but it has old gas in it(with fuel stabilizer) from a couple months ago, so that's to be expected. Just took it out for a ride and it's running like a dream, so that dispelled my worries that the carbs were seriously clogged or gummed up. I may not get around to giving the carbs a full cleaning this season, but I'm going to put some seafoam in. It's only got 10K miles on it, so I think it's got a lot more life in it.

    Attached Files:

  8. agreen33

    agreen33 XS400 Member

    If you remove the muffler do you have to rejet the carbs?
  9. Tombo

    Tombo XS400 Addict

    New mufflers will pretty much guarantee that you need to re jet, as all of the aftermarket mufflers have less (or almost NO) resistance.

    I put on emgo shorties. Cut the old muffler off wi die grinder, smoothed out the cut, cut 4 slots into receiving end of new muffler, used exhaust pipe putty between connection, and then used an exhaust strap to snug the muffler to the header.

    I brought my mains and pilots up +1, use stock exhaust. For the pilots (idle), I was either all the way out on the adjuster screw with stock jet, or almost all the way closed for the 1 up. I chose one up because I will probably pod in the future. Plus, I have some adjustment versus no adjustment with that pilot.

    Ezetman likes this.
  10. Jasonsblue81

    Jasonsblue81 colorado Kid

    Hey guys. wow this sucks. just got my slip on mufflers. out. so you are telling me i have to cut the header pipe. where exactly?? just behind the expanded part?? do i have to take the headers off??
  11. Jasonsblue81

    Jasonsblue81 colorado Kid

    oh , yea. its a 1981. with crossiver pipe

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