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Need help with DMV/Registration etc

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by The Wang, Jan 25, 2024.

  1. The Wang

    The Wang XS400 Member

    Just moved to a different state, Just got and have an XS400S H I finally got running good.

    Upon moving here, I was looking into getting my Motorcycles license, As it will be cheaper for getting around, insurance, taxes etc.

    However a problem I've run into is I need to not only transfer the title to my name, but I also need to register it, Which requires insurance however I need insurance to get it registered, and I need a license to get insurance.(I verified this with an insurance agent beforehand, Just want some opinions)

    Should I just borrow my buddy's car to get my drivers license, do the title transfer, then get the motorcycle cert afterwards?
  2. gpounce32768

    gpounce32768 XS400 Enthusiast

    I am a big fan of tag/title companies, they have superpowers which can solve all kinds of registration and tags difficulties. Totally worth the hundred or so $, saving you from DMV fun. So any day at all I would get the license, cert and insurance, then go to to a tag/title company to finish it even if I had to walk there and back, carrying the tags in hand.
  3. tstidham

    tstidham XS400 Addict Top Contributor

    I think you'll have to do as you suggested. Get the DL permit, practice and pass the car license test, then get you MC permit. Then you can get insurance and tag and title the motorcycle. Most permits allow solo riding during daylight hours. Some require riding with a licensed rider though.
  4. The Wang

    The Wang XS400 Member

    Thanks guys
  5. MSF course is $350. I assume it is cheaper if you go direct through DMV to just do the written/skills test? But I found it very helpful to practice, and it is nice to practice on someone elses bike :) Of course you could bring your bike, but back when i took they have a bunch of 250cc bikes for registrants. Lot of Rebel cruisers, a small sport, and small DS I think.

    Only 2 days, so they have to pack a lot into it. It basically gives you basics to hopefully start with some competency if new to riding, how to ride smarter if have riddent in past, and in any event a baseline to build upon as you know doubt learn new things every time you ride, particularly at the beginning. Also can meet fellow riders in your area / here some things from them (and learn from their mistakes) you might not have.

    Some insurance companies give discount if you've done an MSF course. Just an option
  6. The Wang

    The Wang XS400 Member

    Yeah I remember seeing that as an option, I think you get like a $40-50 off what it normally is if you've taken it within a year of applying for insurance; Also aas far as the cost I originally looked through DMV, the only one they give you an actual price on is the Harley one thats $500; After doing some research I found a class for just under 300

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