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Featured XS400 Bobber build/first post

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by volcomskater77, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. eric123

    eric123 XS400 Addict

    HA! I'm glad you guys asked...That was bugging me too...
  2. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    got my carb needles yesterday. install tonight. hopefully fire it up!!!!
  3. xschris

    xschris XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Sweet!! good luck:bike:
  4. isigt

    isigt XS400 Addict

    great news! good luck, video would be cool! :)
  5. JARichmond

    JARichmond XSively Addicted

    Hey Volcom, I'm seriously digging the progress! I'm wondering if you could share some information about your petcock set up. Mine's seen better days and could use a refresh. Where did you get the parts, and was assembly a challenge?
  6. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    tank is a sporty tank i bo,ught off chopcult, fittings are my dad going to the hardware store and doing his thing, lol and the petcock was a 10 dollar swap meet buy. i gotta notch the frame a bit so the tank will sit even and straight. right now its angled up at the top and off kilter cut the fittings rub. also need to get a vented cap. oops. lol
  7. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

  8. Reaper

    Reaper Reaper Ramone

    Wow, that thing is small. I guess it would work with minimal electrics on the bike since all you need is 12 volts for the coils. I don't know about using it if your headlight comes on with the key, but that's easy enough to fix. Did you find out how much it is?
  9. FUBAR

    FUBAR XS400 Addict

    Are you running power to anything besides the coils? If so try putting a switch to the other accessories, so you can start the bike with no other power draw. Then once its running flip the switch and turn on power to headlights horn ect..:bike:
  10. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    right now my dad wired it to have the head light be on when the key is on. i told hom to wire it for off/low/hi, and same with the tail light, but he said that would be an excuse for me to run from cops at night lol. now looks like hell have to :D and i think he price was like 20 wih shipping or so.
  11. Reaper

    Reaper Reaper Ramone

    Stealth mode is always a nice option to have. Machine guns and a smoke screens are other good ones.
  12. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    dont forget oil slicks and afer burners haha
  13. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    Volcoms dad here...

    I know the youngin' and he would run "Dark Ops Mode" if I put a switch in for the lights, then end up laying it down and then no one would see the knucklehead until daylight!!! He needs to get another battery, 'cause the coils are just laughing at the 3 or 4VDC comin' at them.
  14. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

  15. dually

    dually XS400 Enthusiast

    LOL... this is why I have a different shop than my dad
  16. Reaper

    Reaper Reaper Ramone

    Volcom better be careful. I can see a hot pink riding suit, tons of reflectors, and a fork lift battery in his near future. It's good to see a parent who cares about what their kid is doing. I have a knucklehead of the 19 year old variety myself. Mine is obsessed with older Honda Civics and adding displacement to them.
  17. dually

    dually XS400 Enthusiast

    He should trade that displacement for some boost!
  18. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    ^ or both? thinking full fabbed chassis with a body swap and rear wheel drive conversion, chevy small block with a decent sized turbo. all on really wide widened steelies rims with 4 lug hubcaps and a light blue paint job. sleepers status.

    and also, yeah dad your right. i would probably do that. ass soon as all the bugs are worked out, and it rides reliably, im puttin switches on everything lol
  19. Stabler

    Stabler XS400 Addict

    + 1 on the machine guns.
  20. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    small update, but meant a lot for me!

    got it to pop! a lot! it just doesnt wanna keep going. about 2-3 pops and then nothin. it doesnt wanna keep running, and weve narrowed it down to what? yup. carb issues. thinking somewhere is still not open as it should be. even tho i just rebuild the bastard things.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2012

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