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Featured Xs400 enduro/hybrid

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by MILLENNIUM FALCON, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Thanks for all the complements. I hope this bike continues to be epically awesome. As far as carb setup goes (pork chop). I through about going to a single carb, it would have saved me money. I gues I just like 2 carbs, I have never done a 2to1 conversion. I don't know anything about carb sizing or jetting for a single. I will have to play around with that sometime. Thanks for looking.
  2. Pork Chop

    Pork Chop XS400 Junkie

    I wasjust trying to talk you into a 2-1 setup so you could sell me your other carb. :D

    I am interested in how you go setting up the vm30s. What size jets did they come with? Are the inlets the same size as the bs34?
  3. Oh I see how its going to be.....haha. I can hook you up with the guy that I got the carbs from if you are interested. The jets are..
    pilot jet - 40
    main jet - 250
    needle - 6F5
    slide - 2.5
    Airjet - 2.0
    needle - 159 P-5

    Also if you are interested in that black seat cowl I would sell it for $20 plus whatever shipping is. -later Pork Chop. I almost forgot the filter side of the carbs are slightly bigger and the engine side are slightly smaller, but the stock boots should clamp tight. They are really close in size.

  4. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    you could always shim the carb's inlet.
  5. Pork Chop

    Pork Chop XS400 Junkie

  6. That is a sweet seat. These carbs operate much differently than bs carbs. From what I've been reading these are jetted for 350-400cc bikes,but there is only one way to find out.....slap them on and fire it up.
  7. OleDoc

    OleDoc FREEBIRDS MC Central NY

    i agree with Drewpy:thumbsup:
  8. I got my exhaust in the mail yesterday. the mufflers are mounted , but it still needs plumbed. I mounted the coils under the tank (very tight) and made a "custom" shift lever. I also have a more modern wheel with disc brakes in the mail. I got a great deal on a wheel,caliper,axle,master cylinder, brake lever on eBay for $32.00. Should improve stopping power. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

    nice, that works for me :thumbsup:
  10. xschris

    xschris XS400 Guru Top Contributor

  11. frwinks

    frwinks XS400 Addict

    Love the cans, they look da biz:thumbsup:
  12. Pork Chop

    Pork Chop XS400 Junkie

    The clear exhaust pipes are awsome. :laugh:
  13. Yeah they are really hard to find these days.
  14. OleDoc

    OleDoc FREEBIRDS MC Central NY

    sweet.bet those pipes save a lot of weight:laugh:
  15. jay_kent

    jay_kent XS400 Member

    man that is awesome. That back end looks pretty fine.
  16. Thanks! I spent a lot of time working on the bike today, but it doesn't show. It took me about 5 hours to get the stinking 1 into 2 throttle cable cut/soldered and adjusted. I guess it had to be done. I will start working on the rear disk brake/wheel conversion in the next few days. I also need to finish the exhaust. it is about ready to fire up. I have spark! I would add pictures but there's not much to see today.
  17. lhaolpa

    lhaolpa XS400 Junkie

    What size VM carbs did you get for it? 400 single uses a 32mm carb for stock,and the jetting is way different than for a bs type carb,as the airflow is controlled by the slide only and there's no other apparatus controlling the airflow.Mine uses a 180 jet stock,now has a 190 for UNI sock filters. lha
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2012
  18. I haven't decided yet but I am considering the old red & white Yamaha color scheme. What do you ya think?

  19. phanowel

    phanowel XS400 Enthusiast

    That would look very cool!

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