1. SolidSenpai

    Wiring 1982 Heritage Special with m.unit Blue

    Boy howdy, I'm new to the forum and have been doing some work on my XS for the past 6 months or so on and off, it's only now that I have something I'd like some feedback on. I'm doing a sort of tracker build on my bike and will be replacing the majority of the stock electrical components with a...
  2. Liamrdv

    Xs1100 troubles

    so I know this isn't xs11.com but I've had a lot better input on here so I'm hoping for some luck. I bought this bike (79' xs1100 standard) and the guy I got it off really was doing some weird stuff with the wiring , I know it turns over and runs just fine by jumping it from the solenoid. I...
  3. Liamrdv

    Xs1100 actually

    I'm posting in here for my xs11 for this is where I've gotten the most help. Anyhow, I picked up a 79 xs11 a while back, it's missing the keys and I've been trying to Hotwire it (I have the ownership papers just haven't spent the money on a new key or ignition yet) , but I'm pretty dumb when it...
  4. B

    XS400 Starting problem solenoid or switch??

    Putting together an '81 XS400 barn find that was in a thousand pieces (most of all now in the right place), re-wired and ready to go, having an issue with starter, first thought was solenoid, so no have new one, still nothing thinking starter motor, all fine (hot wired to battery +/-, turned...
  5. J

    Unique Stator fault... Is it fixable??

    Hi guys - I'm currently working through the charging system on my 1979 xs400 in search of at least one gremlin. I can get the bike to start, but it won't run for more than a minute before it eats up its own juice and dies. I determined that the stator was shorting out thanks to some awesome...
  6. nickklugs

    errrrrr Newbie question......

    I thought that the rectifier not only converts the currents but also regulates the voltage... I guess this is wrong because there is a voltage regulator. Also if I bought a regulator/rectifier from shmeebay then would I not need the regulator? :wtf:
  7. Cheeseman

    1981 yamaha xs400 where do i hook these two wires to?

    New to this forum and the world of rebuilding a 1981 Yamaha XS400! I purchased this bike from a buddy for 150$ it was completely disassembled right down to the frame and the parts where in a box... I've been putting it all back together now and she is almost ready to start! Just one small...
  8. bcware

    RR38 Regulator Rectifier - Where to buy

    I'm looking for a suggestion about where to procure an rr38 regulator rectifier combo. Other part numbers include zj-rr38. I cannot seem to find this for sale in the USA. There seem to be a lot of websites in the UK offering this item for sale, however. Can anyone recommend a reputable...
  9. K

    Witch oil pressure switch

    So my oil pressure switch is broken :doh: On ebay there is a bunch of switches witch say they will fit the Xs400. are there different switches for different years/models? :shrug: I have the -82 Special
  10. B

    blowing headlight fuse

    so i had my bike running great but now when the key is on headlight works fine but when i start it i blow the fuse i tested it and was running 14.8V also before it blows the headlight gets dim, any ideas?
  11. H

    Dirt road vibration/dust electrical system health

    I want to primarily (80% or more) ride a modified XS400 (tires, sprockets, suspension a bit) on dirt roads. Will the leads from the charging system and other electrical connections be able to take this abuse, ie. vibration and dust?
  12. M

    New owner with no idea where my bike problems are stemming from

    I purchased a 1980 xs400g a few weeks back and I just can't get it up and running for more than a day at a time with no problems. I'm about to call it quits and sell it if I can't get it running soon because it's becoming a bit too pricey and time consuming trying to just get her out the...
  13. S

    headlight woes

    having a headlight, head scratcher. I have power to the terminals...is there supposed to be to the ground? and I also hooked up the headlight right to the battery and it works.. so whats the deal :banghead:
  14. Specdog

    TCI box Anyone know of a test

    I suspect my TCI unit has failed. The symptom of no spark is on the right cylinder only. I've done all the tests I can think of on the other parts and they all show normal. Coils spec'd out OK but one was high but still sparks. Pick up coil normal. The failed spark follows the coil harness when...
  15. B

    Wiring in a new key question

    Can't seem to find a simple on/off key with three terminals. Do they exist? I'm wondering if I get a two terminal key can I just splice the two wires circled or will it somehow fry the tail lights?
  16. M

    Electrical problems

    Hello again. I am still having problems with my electrical system I replaced the battery and did a voltage check on the battery running and not and the battery showed 13amps while running and while not running it did not drop at all even when I reved the engine the battery voltage was the same...
  17. M

    The More I Take Apart, The More I Find to Fix...(Complete Rebuild or No?)

    For a 32-year-old motorcycle, I think my '81 XS400SH is solid. However, having said that, the more I take apart to fix from abuse and neglect, the more I find I need to fix. Now that I have a large amount of parts off the bike and I can see the frame in what used to be hidden areas, I'm...
  18. mn50racer

    Need Ideas for new taillight

    I have a 1979 XS400F. I am looking for ideas for replacing the ugly stock taillight assembly. I am looking at this one: https://www.denniskirk.com/emgo/lucas-style-taillight.p211698.prd/211698.sku Does anyone have this same one in the stock position? Interested in what it looks like.
  19. N

    Scorpion Battery -batterystuff.com

    Anyone have used this battery before. Please share your input. http://www.batterystuff.com/powersports-batteries/sYT12C.html
  20. M

    Front Turn Signal Mounts?

    Hi everyone, recently picked up some smallerf ront turn singlas and a Bates style headlight. Now im trying to figure out th best way to mount the turn signals...