1. P

    Where do these ground wires go?

    I am in the final hours of my build just tying off some loose ends like connecting ground wires. I am pretty sure the one on the engine goes to the negative terminal on the battery but where does the one by the air box go. Thanks in advance:bike:
  2. JPaganel

    Swapped gauges and the front blinkers quit

    I finally finished the mounting plates for the gauges I got from MikesXS to replace the busted speedo. Got everything mounted up, backlights light up, and... the front turn signals suddenly don't work. Checked the grounds, made sure everything was plugged in, still no go. This makes no...
  3. JPaganel

    A little facelift and easy flasher fix

    One of the front turn signals has been driving me nuts by being droopy. I am also not exactly excited with their looks. So, I picked up a couple of Biker's Choice amber bullet turn signals on Amazon. They are part # 490171. I already had a Biker's Choice headlight because the stock light was...
  4. Luke M

    Need help with timing.

    I need some help setting the timing on a 78 XS400 guys. I followed the instructions in the manual but the timing seems to be still completely off. I loosened points A and attached a test light to point B. I spun the motor over so that it is aligned at the "LF" mark. Before"LF" and after the line...
  5. F

    check it out

    how do you know your ignitor is bad ,an can you check it out to be sure .i have 83 yamaha 400 xs maxim .thanks mark
  6. S

    Ignition Problems xs400sj "82" Heritage

    Hi fellow Yamaha bikers. I have a check out testing procedure to do. Problem: STARTING GOING DOWN HILL! About a month or so my bike would start up great. Slowly it would seem dead on starter button, key put oil/neutral light on, no turnover. So I wiggled the key and it turned over. Key switch...
  7. Z

    Desperate for a Solution

    Got a new TCI from Wisc Cycle Sal. It didn't fix the spark issue on my '80 xs400 special. Can anyone think of what else it could be? Tested everything. Coils: LT pri: 2.7-2.9 ohms Sec: 8.5K ohms. Rt pri: 4 ohms, Sec: 11.4K ohms. Pick up coil 634 ohms, and 705 ohms. Alternator .72 ohms all...
  8. J


    Hi guys I was hoping someone out there would be able to help me out. I just finished my 1977 XS360 project and have discovered that my battery is not charging. I have gone through all the tests in the service manual and as far as I can tell I have a bad regulator and a bad rectifier. I went...
  9. F

    78 xs400 future cafe bike

    working on a 78 xs400 to make into a cafe bike. Was wondering if anyone had a bear bones wiring diagram I could work off of. rear brake light, turn signals, headlight, and the necessary electrical to run the bike. Thanks Andy
  10. onXS

    New to bikes and the forum

    Hi all, Long time reader, First time poster .... So i've bought a 82 xs400r off ebay a few weeks ago "complete" but pulled apart as the ole fella had a heart attack and couldn't put it back together, so a few 10min sessions at a time, or until i crack the sads or start swearing, whichever...
  11. M

    Rewire of aftermarket left hand turn control - no headlight or turn signal function

    Hey, I'm new to the wrking on motorcycles and i am trying to wire my left hand turn control i bought from Dime city cycles. I have got the horn working but cannot get the turn signals or headlight working. The bulb seems to be fine and when i look at a wiring diagram it's not much is making...
  12. D

    wiring diagram please help

    Need a color coded wiring diagram for 82 Yamaha Maxim 400. Got it for a bobber project it came with out any wiring, has all the electrics and controls just no wiring at all. A simplified diagram would be better at least it would give you a plan to start from & maybe even a finished project in...
  13. R

    no more spark!!

    hi i m new to the site....liked it so much that i bought one its a xs 400 1982 heritage special that i chopped and made rigid....and i bought 2 other bike for 100$,complete but no paperwork and swap the motor in a motocross kdx 200.... anyway ill post a intro later with pictures... now...the...
  14. S

    Help: Electric start works fine, but kickstart won't get her going

    Hey guys, So I'm new to the carb/kickstart bike and I'm having a hard time getting the 400 started with the kickstart. The electric start works fine, but I am a bit uneasy about relying on that, plus in the future I would like to phase it out and get a smaller battery. Here's what's going on...
  15. A

    Will a heated vest or jacket work with a 1982 XS400?

    Hello. I have a 1982 XS400J. I am thinking about buying an electrically heated vest or jacket liner for late fall/early spring riding. My question is can this bike's stock charging system handle it? How many amps does it put out? How many amps does it require to keep it running? Everything...
  16. O

    yamaha model gurus, im looking for a headlight

    many years ago, during one of my GS builds, i went scouring a UJM salvage. i came across a gigantic headlight bucket with the word "yamaha" written in paint pen. it had to have been close to 9" if not bigger. any ideas what models used this big headlight? ive came across one bucket on...
  17. F

    1980 xs 400 charging

    Ok i am not having much luck with my bike i am trying to to find out why the battery wont hold a charge and what is draining the life from the battery. What i have tried I have used a volt meter and checked battery with key off and it says there is like 12.1v then i turn key on and it goes to...