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Figured that since I skipped 2016 entirely I should make a fresh thread!

Last year I had my engine in pieces and the bike never got on the road. Not going to do that again!

This fall I have been doing some tinkering:
- Serviced Forks
- Ordered some Hagon Road Shocks
- Took apart my top end
- New piston rings
- Lapped valves
- Cleaned the carbs and added stainless allen bolt hardware
- Touched up paint on frame
- Fixed a leak on the gas tank the PO sealed with silicon.

Some things I would like to work on:
- The gas tank now has surface rust inside.
I had an old plumber solder the hole up. When we drained the water out of the tank (so it didn't blow up) I got a very fast flash rust that didn't want to go away. I've used Metal Rescue a bunch and it seems to have helped, but there is still evidence of the rust. How important is it to get all the rust out? Can I just put an in-line fuel filter in and go?
- Still need to replace the headlight. I bought an EMGO 6-1/4" bucket with H4 but I couldn't get the wiring to fit in. I think I will try the Candlepower lens next but apparently that is not without its issues either.
- I am interested in the PAMCO mod, it seems like it would make my bike more reliable... My points are looking pretty pitted at the moment.

More updates to come!
Here is the shop space I finally have. Over the lifetime of my bike I've had to store and work on it in at 4 different locations. Some an hour and a half away. This makes me feel spoiled as it is a minute walk from my apartment!


Today I got the engine back in the frame and bolted up. The top end rebuild has been the most work I've done on this bike, I'm a little nervous for the first start up. I almost expect something to fire out through the valve cover...
put the engine back in the frame last weekend. Came back to a small puddle of oil on the floor. I thought it was cause I didn't have an oil filter on, but that surface seems quite clean.
This seems to be a bit slippery. I never took that rectangular piece off, but it seems to be leaking? Or is it all seepage from the drain plug? What even is that rectangular piece for?
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That's the sump screen plate. Remove it and clean the screen. Replace the old gasket with a new one. Don't tighten them bolt more than snug tight (8-10lbs) as they are small and will snap.
Put on some new Hagon Road Shocks. I ordered them longer than the stock shocks because i was having the issue of the rear wheel hitting my seat pan when going over bumps. Strangely these "longer" shocks fit exactly the same as the stock ones... hopefully the problem is fixed with regardless, the stock shocks were completely blown!


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That's the sump screen plate. Remove it and clean the screen. Replace the old gasket with a new one. Don't tighten them bolt more than snug tight (8-10lbs) as they are small and will snap.
That can be done with engine in the frame? Any specifics on how to clean it, or is it pretty self explanatory?
Can't really tell what it is but I would investigate further, finding mangled parts in the sump is NOT normal.
Looks like some kind of retaining washer. That's not a good thing to find or have rolling around the motor.
A friend said it looks like it could be from the oil filter. Not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better though. Other than the two big pieces (I broke one by hand trying to straighten it out) there are no shavings at all.