Are there any good doctors around anymore.


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Just wondering anyone here have a good family doc that actualy takes the time to sit down and get to know you before they just start tryying to diagnose you then write you a script and send on you way?
Just wondering I had the same family doc for about 6-7 years.This doc never actualy tryed to get to know me at all and most family docs I have dealt with are the same.
I pretty much feel we are all just another number or another face in the crowd that family doctors hoard uu people in like were cattle,talk to us about whats ailing us then write a script that we eventualy hook on because instead of actualy trying to figure out what the real under lying problem is they can just prescribe us a pill,tell us to take it and tell us to come back in a month.
I just switch family doctors recently cause I got pissed that my doc was doing nothing but giving my mind and body a physical dependancy on on prarmicuticles.
Now my new doctor have one thing we agree on,my old doctor has/d me on too many dam pills but realy hasnt talk in detail,yesterday was my 3rd visit about how hes going to go about doing this.I take some meds that just cant be stoped and the patient has to be slowly weened of this these particular meds before finaly stopping them.
Still its just a 5 minute visit and Im out the door with no persoanl relationship with my doc.
My suspossed pain management doc while he listens more than some doctors I have had hes doing a completely terrible job on managing my pain.This is for the problems I have in my back.So for all hes done is get my body hooks on some very strong narcotics in which I ever run out I will and have already suffered serious with drwls symtoms.
I know this is long winded well I havent had a wink of sleep so I just have these thoughts racing on in my mind but back to the point how to you go about finding a good family doctor,how many visits do you give them before you say this guy is just another quack and is doing nothing but milking the insurance $ so he can go take a vaction in the bahamas or where ever on the insurance $`s dime.
My 3rd visit with my new doc Im already thinking about triing to find another one.
Well that's common in the business I guess. They don't want to spend too much time on you for two reasons:
1 money, and time itself. They don't earn more by just listening more, they would make the same off your visit if you would talk for an hour or do a 3 minute diagnose and pill prescription. Also they can't see nor help as many patients if they would spend an hour on each one. That way people get pissed off cuz they can't come in with their problems cuz the doc is fully booked all day with only 5 patients.
2 they might not even realize you want them to listen. Have you told your doctor it would be a great if you felt like he knows who you are? Most people are even a bit afraid of doctors getting too close since they have to tell them their private matters. So doctors usually keep their distance a little, since most people find it less uncomfortable that way.

I dont even have a family doctor at the moment, I move around too much and have too little health issues I guess. But where I grew up we had one doc in town and everyone knew him and he knew everyone. Not intimately, but perhaps more than the one you used to have.

Last thing here in the netherlands where healthcare is mostly free for everyone and almost everything is covered by basic and obligatory health insurance, visiting a doctor is free. So old, lonely people make up some health issues to have an excuse to go see the doctor, just to get out of the house for a bit. So doctors schedule less time, so they have less issues with that.
I have have tryed to open up and talk to my doctors not just about my ailements.I guess now that that think about it My pain managemnt doc and his assistants do a good job communicating while Im there.The health care system you have in the netherlands is probaly the same as it is in the rest of the UK.Canada has a similair health care system in someways in which its free and all residents have it but sometimes the care isnt the best and you have to wait in a long lines to get seen.
Thats another things that bugs me sitting in the doctors office for hour or two then you get a 5 minute visist with doc.They heard people in and out so fast you got be fast describing to them whats going on.Then you leave and its like crap I meant to ask the doc about this but its gotta wait till next time which might be for another month.
you do know the Netherlands is a separate country right? We're not part of the UK ;)

I've noticed in the states that a lot of people don't actually know how it is in Europe. The Netherlands is a country. The capital is Amsterdam, and we're not a part of the UK (or more commonly assumed, a part of Germany). The term Holland is generally also used to indicate the country of the Netherlands, but officially it's only the two provinces of North and South Holland (and not the other provinces of the Netherlands) that fall under this term.

I've heard people say that Amsterdam is a separate country from the Netherlands, Holland is part of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are both part of Germany and many many more.

Just to clear things up ;) sry for the off topic thread hijack :laugh:
Yes Just used the wrong wording I was just comparing the countries health care systems:wink2:.Both countries have a free health care systems.Im sure theres a little differences between them but in principal they are the same.

Still can't imagine having to pay a bunch of $$ for some treatment which you NEED (like i dunno, putting some fingers back on after you've cut them off with the angle grinder trying to mod your XS400 frame)
I think Scorp might have been thinking, "... like the rest of the E.C.
Just as Europeans often ask us if we know their cousin in Vancouver (how could we not - being as how Vancouver is in the same country), we occasionally make assumptions about how homogenized Brussels has managed to make all of Europe. If we read it in The Economist, it must be true, right?

Scorp. You might have to save up and become a medical tourist. State-of-the-art hospitals with convalescent hotels by the seashore at 10%-30% of the price. Doctors usually trained in N. America or Europe, now providing services back in their home countries. Prices usually include the procedures and then a 2 week resort stay next door so you can recuperate before getting back on the plane for home.