Fourth gear chatters !!


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Fourth gear hard to replace...?? split case or replace from clutch side ?? . replace all gears?? thanks
Yes, start with the split case procedues, you can leave your head alone. (I would recommend to reset the cam chain tensioner)

My first time, I undid everthing, leaving the head alone, and carefully placed in a wet/dry vac tub (it had wheels, and a blanket protecting it. So that was both sides, left,and right, and every bolt in blue from the procedure. Then I was able to swap out the case bottom, which is what I needed to do. Then reverse process, (with a print out of torques, and rest of the book info to follow.) (top sticky on the garage page.)

The procedure is listed under the Tech tab, (top of this page, next to Members) and the first link in there is "how to split your case" by volcomskater (sorry for misspelling)

Things you will want to investigate is, replacement gaskets,(large box of Cheerios worked for me) and Ebay, you should swap out the orings near the drive sprocket, and clutch rod. (don't loose either bearing (2)) Ohh the fun, (its been posted for your education purposes via multiple owners) Then we get the emergency post, at 2 am, when no one but that one person is up, though out the world. Which reminds me, check out our netherland'er contact, He did a Post of good threads for the new joiners.
Good guy there, Willem.

Good luck
Looks like I will be going in deep as well.