Gas under cam cover! HELP!!!

Lynn Moore

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New Bern, NC
After having problems with the old girl starting and staying running after finally starting, I would find gas on the ground coming from the airbox. Investigated some thoughts from you guys and took the cam cover off. Checked valve clearances and discovered the standing liquid on top was gas! I have an '82 yamaha maxim 400, dohc. Pleas help.
It could be a mix of oil and gas if your carbs are leaking bad enough. Check your oil level, it will probably be high and change it right away. Then check your carb floats and needle and seats. Even leaving the petcock open, the floats and needles should stop the flow of gas.
Most likely as tstidham said. If the float valves/seats get replaced and you still have issues, your fuel level in the float bowl is set too high