Pinholes in my tank after dipping it..what do I do?


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I took my tank to American Metal Cleaning and had them dip it to take off the paint cause I didn't want to spend a shitload of time grinding it down. Now there are a few little pinholes at the seams and the gas is leaking. I went to Vicious Cycle to see if they had something to coat the inside and Joe recommended that I go to Mac's radiator and have them do it, as they will then test it to make sure it's sealed. I thought it would be simpler, but they told me they have to repair the pinholes, as the coating sealant will just leak through....and then it's looking like I'll be spending over $100 which I don't want to. Anyone have a simpler fix so I can get this fucker painted and on the road already? :banghead:
that sux!! if it were me id tape the seams then use a por15 product or similar. im guessing though, ive never been in that situation before.
do it yourself its really easy and I didi it on my flat track tank as advised! make sure its ethanol resistant!
FYI, you have to continuously and slowly agitate the mixture around until it sets up to get a uniform coating. a few minutes in I also gorilla taped an air compressor hose with about 10-20 psi going in to force it into the pinholes for a few minutes (the tape still springs a leak, but I felt like I had to do my due diligence,) then go back to agitating.
Cool, thanks guys. I shall try coating it myself like I was originally going to do. I might have a friend try to tig weld some of the seams before hand...we'll see.
get the por-15 kit..its around $45 and it worked on the pinholes in my buddies Honda tank just fine.
You could also try soldering them first...clean the metal around it really good...rub some flux on it and heat the tank with a soldering gun and solder it up....then file the solder down when its cooled...then coat the inside of the tank...should be good to go.
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