Wanted - Slide diaphragms for Mikuni BS34 carburetors

you would have to go onto their website and check for your carbs , theres a bit of fitting involved as only the rubber is supplied not the slide ,they give all the instructions along with a online video , bit dearer but a set of mukuni round slide carbs are worth the money , lot better performance and if motor and exhaust are fairly standard the mukuni distributer will get you fairly close with the jetting ,deal direct with the distributer not a local bike shop .. be cheaper and they will have a better idea on jetting ... by the way a new diaphram slide for the xs650 i could only find in england and that was 140 bucks australian plus shipping so a pair was not that much cheaper than a new set of mukunis
the experts on xs650.com played around with these mikes xs carbs for the xs650 and could never get them to work properly , another of mikes rubbish that they still persist in selling , mike xs has a lot of good parts but also persists in selling parts that they know are crap , i stay away from all rubber items and chrome items unless desperate , these performance carbs are just another one to stay away from
Will these work on my XS400 Special? I don't really understand carburetors enough to rebuild them. Is there an interchangeable carburetor that I can just buy and swap out?

I've got a pair of JBM diaphragms coming in the mail right now for my '83 XS400 Maxim, so I can report back on how well they work. As far as installation, they're very easy to access and probably one of the simpler things you could do on a set of carbs so you wouldn't need a super in-depth knowledge.
Just an update, can confirm that the JBM diaphragms are super easy to install and fit perfectly. Only had them in a couple of days, but no problems so far