Strange turn signal indicators


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Hey everyone!

I am new to the forum and new to owning the xs400. Picked one up in the fall and getting things finished up to ride this summer. Long story short I converted all the turn signals to LED. This in turn broke the relay (just did not work with the low load) so I swapped that out for a modern unit. This then would make all the flashers go at the same time (like if I had pressed the hazards) which I tracked down to the LEDs being back powered through the indicator light on the dash.

This last problem was fixed by adding diodes inline to the indicator light on the dash. This fixed the problem and the indicators were working as intended, or so I thought...

Took the bike out for a spin to see how my carb tunning was going yesterday and found out that the indicator light on the dash does not work when the engine is running. The flashers work great but the indicator on the dash just won't flash. As soon as the engine is turned off the indicator light starts to work again. Indicator works fine with the ignition on and the kill switch in the run position. Its really only when the engine is actually running....

I have no clue what this can be so any help is appreciated!