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Make Offer - 1981 XS400 Special Part Out

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by craigiedan, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    Bike is in good running order outside of an intermittent charging issue. Bike is complete right now and will update what is available as things go. Please feel free to send questions or requests for pics/more info. :)

    • New Dunstall mufflers
    • Sparkling clean Mikuni BS34 Carbs with rebuild kit (installed) and assortment of jets
    • New Carb boots
    • 4 ignition coils (all in good working order)
    • New non-vacuum petcock and original vacuum petcock w/rebuld kit
    • Tank is super clean with some light scratches and blemishes. No dents.
    • New NGK plugs and caps
    • Seat is immaculate

    Willing to ship, pickup preferred.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jul 23, 2013
  2. MrYeats

    MrYeats XS400 Addict

    Can you sell me the ignition parts, like the points,plate came lobe, condensers, or igniter box if it I electronic?
  3. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    They're yours. You'll have to give me about a week however to get them off as my girlfriend just moved in and this next week is hectic for work. I will shoot you a message next week if that's ok?
  4. Hi I'd be interested in the fenders - they look like they are still in good condition?
  5. pogo

    pogo XS400 New Member

    How much for carbs?
  6. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    Carbs are being negotiated right now with another member, will update parts availability this weekend.
  7. pogo

    pogo XS400 New Member

    Thank you. I'm looking for carbs and boots for a 1980 xs400. If they should become available please keep me in mind.

  8. denver400

    denver400 XS400 New Member

    I could use the speedometer and a coil. Oh yeah, and I need left controls(lights&horn).
  9. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    Speedometer is gone. I can sell you a coil and left controls.
  10. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    Speedometer and cable
    Carb boots
    Right peg
    Carbs (pending negotiation)
  11. Maxim-umm

    Maxim-umm XS400 Addict

    You still have the headlight/bucket? If so, what condition are they in and how much? (zip = 98226)
  12. Mr-Paco

    Mr-Paco XS400 Member

    How about the front forks?
    I'm mostly interested in the dust seals, fork seals, oil spacer washer, bushing, and the retaining clips.
    But I certainly wouldn't mind the forks, if separating them would be too inconvenient.
  13. Rusty

    Rusty XS400 Enthusiast

    Id happily take the mufflers. Also the ignition box if available. Please PM me.
    Can I see a pic of the mufflers with the cans off? Im not so interested in the cans as I am the pipes.
    - Rusty
  14. Does the side stand spring still work properly? I'd be interested if it does.
  15. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    The side stand works perfectly. Are you interested in just the spring or the whole stand?
  16. Just the spring. Mines stretched out and causing the side stand to droop.
  17. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    I'd like to keep the unit together if possible.
  18. Kristina

    Kristina XS400 Member

    So this is where she landed! I saw the post on craigslist yesterday and got my list together and today it was gone.
  19. craigiedan

    craigiedan XS400 Member

    It's back on craigslist if you're still interested.

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