83 Maxim custom build

Yup loud...........

Was that a universal kit or just some bends to get you there?

I kind of want to do something as I just am not sure on those factory bends......I like the lines of the Mac 2 into 1 but not the whole look of the system.
It's a bunch of mandrel bends that I put together myself. I personally like the shorter exhaust that follows the lines of the engine and I wanted 2" to get a deeper tone.
I may need to look into something like that this winter. I have a couple pipes coming from Dime City but just not liking the factory bend.......no way I could go open pipe......it sounds great but for me just not my thing....I am getting old :laugh2:
I did rejet it but I haven't synced the carbs because I don't have the tools to do so yet but it is on my list of things to do before it's done. The bike runs real smooth at almost every rpm but there is one flat spot that I ran into last year and I'm hoping syncing them will cure it.
Well tonight I got the front sprocket on, cleaned the tank and am letting it etch overnight, wired up a USB port to charge my phone, built some horn mounting brackets and did a bit of lighting work as well as getting the front brakes to work properly. I did run into one snag on my headlight wiring that I have to work out yet but a progressive night.
Got the headlight wiring fixed, horns mounted and wired (they are very loud which is nice), rear sprocket and tire on and the fuel tank coated.
Last night I got the chain and kick stand on and my auxillary lights done on the frame of the bike. I will do some under the tank too but that has to wait until the tank is painted which I hope to start working on tonight. I have a bit of body work to do on it and then it'll be getting primer and paint.
Well I started painting the tank this weekend and my base coat reacted with my primer and I had to sand and repaint. I am going to just do a simple gloss black tank I think. I am clear coating it now and tomorrow will mount it on the bike and go for a test run...at least that's the plan.
Well I let the paint finish curing and looked at it and it is far from perfect. If it wasn't middle of the summer I'd sand it back down and start over but I'm getting anxious to ride and so I'm going to put it on and ride it for the summer and hopefully redo the tank this fall/winter. I'll try to post pictures tonight but my main concern is taking it for a test drive first ;)
Well the paint has a lot of issues. My tank petcock leaked when I first installed it and the gas dripped on the engine and ruined part of the paint. The tank paint is also full of mistakes and I was very close to pulling it back off, sanding it again and repainting it but decided I wanted to ride and it looks decent at a few yards away ;) So I put it together, did a couple test runs and adjustments and today I rode it to work. I have a few things I want to add and change, paint being on that list but I can ride it and enjoy it. Here is one picture after my ride to work.