NEW! Stator diagnosis tests are all fine....but.......

With out knowing what you read, I am guessing my solution. My wires were shot. just as the two bundles go up the rear of the motor. you can hear the wires make crackling noises, and a feel that is definitely crunchy. As far as the voltage reg, I know I did the same thing every newbie does, order parts, and then verify if you need them. So now that its 4 years later, I am still working fine, with no signs of charging issues.
Hope that helps.
Awesome man...thanks for the reply! I just found out that the XS360 stator cross-referenced with the XS400!! There are lots of those on ebay. Just ordered one for $20! A lot better than the $150 I was quoted to rewind mine! I will put that bad boy on and hope for the best!!