Ok I need to know if any of you have suffered this.


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I dont if you guys remember saying this but I mnetioned about waking up with severe trembling,Chils and hot at the sametime.I thought it was some medication I was taking so I went in to my doc and asked him about making med changes.Then a while back I suffered a mini stroke which I have had happen before thats what the meds are for that Im taking.Everything has been fine for a while now except the last 2 nights Im waking up with these symptoms again.Severe trembling,loss of breath,and exteme head ache.I went to my doctor about this and they ran all kinds of test but the results dont show anything except scar tissue from when I had my ministroke.Im afraid that this is going to keep me from riding my bike this year although I keep chugging these symtoms keep happening.Yes Imgoing to my doc again tomorrow.I also talked to neighbor whos diabetic and he says that he expereinces the same kinda sysmtoms.Well I have a monitor for checking my sugar level but I cant get the dam thing to make my finger bleeed.I appreciate your support Aaron:)

PS I forgot tosay after a couple of days Im fine again after this happens,Feel like I have a hangover today but I dont drink alcohol!
hang in there Scorps, looks like your going through a rough patch.

gives you more time to polish the bike anyway's and when you finished that, you can do mine if you like? :D
I apprciate your kind words but I need to get to the bottom of soon.I have alot of things hanging the balance if I dont.Like might loose my driving privileges not just bike but driving all together.Plus these backs are interfering with my personal and social life.Its not fun to loose a day cause of health problems.
I may have figured this out,just possibly since I have been diagnosed as borderline deiabetic yesterday I had ate a whole bag of liqerish by myself.Next thing you know Im waking up with a daibeteic reaction I think.So Im going to try and test my insulin and see what i come up with.I have a feeling Im going to have cutback on eating so candy with high sugar content.Meanwhile if anyone has experienced these kinda sysmtoms please let me know.Thanks once again Aaron
Yeah mate sounds like you need to lay off the candy canes. Good luck im sure youll work it out, diet is usually key I guess. Try to eat good!
Do you have to pee a lot? That's also a pretty good first indicator.

I had a teacher in high school who had diabetes (pretty serious, carried around emergency injections and stuff) who rode his BMW touring bike daily. He told he forgot to take his insulin on time once and ended up with a diabetic reaction while riding one day, ended up in a ditch and breaking a leg. Lucky guy if you ask me.

Good luck with the health issues and yea maybe lay off the sweet stuff, or at least whole bags of it at a time :) But that would be advisable for anyone, really. What I also heard is that having smaller meals, but eating like 5 meals a day, helps a lot. To keep your sugar levels kind of constant I guess.
I hate to say you might want to check blood sugar. My mom was Diabetic Insulin dependent and in poor health. She had some of those chills. I have had something similar at work a few times Includes raceing pulse cold sweats & feeling faint. Might have been anxiety. My wife gets severe Migraines and has similar symptoms. I came home early from work to stay close many times. Lately seems they're more weather related. Any moderate change in barometric pressure can set them off. I wish you the best with your health issues.
I forgot to put this in my reply. I have a friend who has serious insulin dependant diabetees. He used to ride a drag bike a 900 Kawi with turbo and nitrus. He had to stop because of his health. One day going home from work he blacked out and caused an accident. The DMV pulled his ticket till his diabetees was again under control. His was caused by work related stress. I'm trying to say PLEASE be watchful and careful. It's better to lose a hobby than to lose a life.
Pee alot is an understatement I peee by the gallon every time and as many as 10-12 times a day sometimes.Finaly got my meter out and checked my sugar in was 148 in the am after eating in the pm It was 135 .I have done 2 things differently since this happened.Stopped eating a whole bag of twizzlers by myself and made a med change.So far so good.
Funny, I was just recounting to a couple of fellow bikers in the coffee shop yesterday the diabetic I met years ago. We were all at a cottage on a lake and the owner had invited a neighbour over - a guitar virtuoso supposedly.
He was completely out of it. Couldn't play, couldn't sing, started out with a good guitar and in a few minutes had every string tuned way off. His wife arrived, took one look at him, went to the fridge and came back with a small glass of orange juice. Within seconds he was the virtuoso - tuned the guitar like magic and then played like a mad fiend.

That was 40 years ago when they didn't have blood sugar monitors and slow release insulin - just experience and guess work and people watching you. It doesn't have to be that way today.

Make sure you get that monitor to work. If it doesn't drive over it with a truck several times and get one that does. With the right tools you can keep your blood in balance fairly simply. But without them, it can be big trouble. Don't take the chance - get a new tool and use it faithfully so you can keep riding for years.
Blood sugar in nothing to mess with. See your doc and change your diet:wink2:
Yeah I actualy found my glucose levels have been running pretty high 148 in the am.After testing in the pm after eating it goes down substancialy.Going to my doc today and going to find out if I have take insulin or just make diet change.
It sounds like you're on the right track. A surge in your blood sugar could be causing all of your symptoms. With diet, exercise and medication they should be able to get sugar in balance (shouldn't have to lose your driving priviledges.) In the meantime, measure your glucose levels BEFORE you get on the bike. Wish you well.
I almost forgot until I reread Lous responce,My neighbor sufferes the same kinda of attacks,he mentioned to me about drinking orange juice.Only problem I have with that is the acid it causes me to have.Anyways Im on my way out will report my findings when I get back.
Since your Dx is borderline diabetes, you are producing insulin, just not enough. That is why you have to control your blood sugar level with a low sugar diet. So you know eating candy is deadly for you. Don't be thinking insulin injections will solve your problem. That may come later in life. You want to hold off on that as long as you can. The best thing you can do now is be serious about your diet so your levels remain normal.
Well my glucose levels have been back to normal around 120 or so.I went and sat in the hospital for couple hours yesterday while they did a barage of lab work.I wont know anything for a week or two if they find anything.I still have the hardest time in getting myself to bleed though so I can test my glucose,must have tough skin.I wont be eating whole bags of candy for a longtime though.:laugh:All I know I dont want to suffer this crap anymore,It literaly knocks the crap out of my head.I cant think,remember very well,my speach is messed up and the headaches worse than anything.
Was it black licorice? Here's part of what WebMD says about black licorice,

"Black Licorice: Dangerous Candy
by Daniel J. DeNoon
Eat too much candy and you’ll be sorry. Eat too much black licorice, and you could be dead.
This creepy Halloween warning comes from the FDA. Too much black licorice, the federal agency says, can lead to “abnormal heart rhythms, as well as high blood pressure, edema (swelling), lethargy, and congestive heart failure.”
How much is too much? The FDA warns people age 40 and older not to eat 2 ounces of black licorice a day for two weeks or more.
And that’s a conservative warning. The NIH has warned that it’s “possibly unsafe” to eat just 1 ounce of black licorice a day for several weeks. In addition to the FDA’s list of drastic possible too-much-licorice results, the NIH adds paralysis, brain damage, and erectile dysfunction.
And if you eat a lot of salt, if you have high blood pressure, or if you have heart or kidney disease, the NIH says as little as a sixth of an ounce of licorice a day could cause these problems."

Good luck!
Naw it wasnt the black stuff,I cant stand the taste of it.Just plain either cherry or strawberry but too much at once.Yes Im over 40 almost 50 so it was just too much sugar for my body to hadle at once I guess.I dont beleive though this is the whole problem and the root of it cause it has happened quite frequently over this past winter.The labs I did yesterday are testing my liver,kidneys,and some other things.This is just my gut feeling but I feel its one of the many meds im on that conflicting with my body.Hopefully the labs with find something.
I suffered another terrible attack last night:yikes:.The terrible shaking hot and cold sweats.I was up most of the night just got up a little while ago and feel like total crap.Figures just like usual I had an awesome day yesterday felt great was well focused and able to concetrate very well.Then BAM!:wtf::banghead:I should mention I was up every hour having to p also
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