Ok I need to know if any of you have suffered this.

Im getting realy bothered by whats happening to me,Its realy affecting the normalcy of my life.All my nuerological functions and cognitive functions have taken a hit from whats happening to me.I have been to my docs they ran tesy and realy havent got from a them staright answer to what is the cause.Ministrokes forsure but more to it.Possible early form of Altszimers maybe God I hopenot,I read only and lookup the symtoms of MS I have all the symtoms of MS except 2or 3.I dont know how much longr I can take this and wish ther is someway to manage whats going on.Its affecting my personal life as well among other things.No I dont want a pitty party I guess Im just expressing whats on my mind or in this case whats left of it.I dont like the changes ,I feel nonproductive and hate being tied down to government assistance.When I was younger I was vibrant,very sharp minded had a better memory than and higher IQ than the average person.I dont know if theres anyone on here is experiencing anything like this leave me a pm please.