Ok I need to know if any of you have suffered this.

...This is just my gut feeling but I feel its one of the many meds im on that conflicting with my body. Hopefully the labs with find something.
Listen to you "gut". It is smarter than half the doctors out there who are little more than shills for the drug companies these days.
It's called "polypharmacy", and over half the people in the U.S. are suffering because of it:
You just posted thay you'd be rideing the bike today. I'd suggest that you drive something with 4 wheels right to your Dr and get rediagnosed. Blood sugar Diabetes Heart. Not sure where to look but this is enough to give you a scare. I have a sister 4 years older than me who had to have a pace maker installed since she had such dizzy spells. She's only 56 and till her husband passed from Cancer she was in pretty good health. Be careful Stay vertical and get to the bottom of this.
NO Im not riding my bike today not the way I feel.Im so out of it right now it would be stupid to do.As a gut feeling I cut back on the suspected med that I thought is causing he problem and these attacks are still happening.Back to the hospital I go I got get to the bottom of this its making me totaly incoherant.
Good Choice!!! I think I'd be watchful as Lou suggests aboout drugs and their side effects. Be safe and find your answers soon. The rideing season has just started sort of. But you shouldn't ride if your unhealthy.
Just one thought, and then I will let you all complain about polypharma (which I happen to agree with), follow your doctor's advice and not that of our esteemed forum members, (unless its about tuning your XS!) Stopping some medications suddenly can have dangerous effects. Okay, I'm off my soap box. Wish you the best and hope you're back on two wheels soon.
Well my doc has me on 12 different meds plus an injection for a blood clot.2 different meds just for that.One of them is a sleeping med witch I cutback on by 1/2 the dose.This particular med has a severe side of affect of tremers which is my thought is its contributing to my problem.I go in tomorrow to get my kidneys and liver checked.Seems that i found out this is supposed to be done regularly to make sure that these meds arent accumulating to exceptionaly high levels of certain meds I take that my personal doc never told me.Hes one these doctors that thinks a pill cures all.:(
I'm going to check something out for ya. I've relatives in the med field 1 is a retired nursing professor in Ann Arbor. Blood clots & blood thinners scare me from previous family experiences.
I wasn't sure about something and found out I was partially wrong. I was of the opinion that the University in Ann Arbor was like our U of M where they're a reasearch facility. Wife's uncle taught nursing there in the 70's. My father was on some blood thinners after his stroke and a paper cut nearly required an ER visit. You have to be careful of little nicks or cuts while on these. With your 12 meds you've got my wife beat by 6 right now. She's been on as many as 9 for a while. Once in a while there were times where I had to pick her up from work because she got them mixed up. I also agree with Docwits about cutting off some of your meds with out Dr's advise. One of my wife's meds has crazy withdrawal effects to the point where her mood would swing wildly to almost suicide. I was afraid to go to work and equally scared to come home for about a week not knowing what I'd come home to. I hope and pray that you'll come to a resolution with your health issues.
Thanks Mr Stubbs and all thoughs that have given me their support during this rough time.I feel 100% better today more like my norm.Slept like a baby last night after going to be at 9:30pm Im up and ready to get up at 7:30am today.Yeah I dont like being on 2 blood thinners at once I know that I have be supper carefull otherwise I could bleed out pretty badly.I have been living with these blood clots in my left leg for 3 years now.Because of the fact that I dont have the best insurance in the world no doc here where I live will remove them.This is another thing that scares me,if a piece of one breaks off and moves into a vital area I`ll be having worse problems that I already have.:yikes:
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Woohoo!!!! So happy you're feeling better today. I know about not so good insurance with my girl's issues. We've been dealing with Dr's not willing to take the time to really diagnose. And when it comes to necessary procedures forget it. When it was time for her to try for Social Security Disability there was only 1 Dr we were allowed to see. And to make matters worse that Dr would refuse to sign off for disability at the last possible moment. Made me say bad words and consider commiting a felony. I could almost understand avoiding removal of clots if a small bit would break off and travel it could be serious. Be well
So I finaly got test results back and its not all good.what I have been experiencing is ministrokes.Dr says I need to make major changes in my lifestyle and that some of the meds im on are agrivating them to happen.1st thing they want to do is wein off some of the meds Im taking and quit smoking.Make major changes in my diet and start eating more bananas for the potasium.Things have been fine for the last couple of weeks but it doesnt mean Im out of the woods yet.I made a post earlier about having a rare form form of forgetfulness.Its cause by the minstrokes and also the dreaded A word.Im only 50 but because of all the beatings my head as been through its has brought this on.The docs dont want to try the meds that slows the symptoms down yet but it maybe in my future.So theres an update not exactly pretty but all i can do is take it one day at a time and see how everything goes.Kinda scary but I have people for support so we`ll see how everything goes.The healthiest thing for me is to remain positive and think ts not the end of the world.I have alot of tenasity and i dont give up easily.So I`ll fight this as best as i can.
You may want to consider to invest in a good juicer, such as these:http://www.championjuicer.com.au/ there are many on the market these days.
Not the ones that spin real fast, a slow juicer that is gear driven. They extract maximum nutirants from the fruit/vegetables you juice. Try and source organic vegetable to juice. Carrot juice is excellent and full of beta carotene, you should drink carrot juice every day. Also juicing greens is excellent.

Barley green is probably something you should also drink it is a great blood cleanser amongst many other things: http://www.barleygreen.com.au/

Unfortunalty most doctors wont go into the benefits of these simple natural approachs because they are mostly controlled by drug companies looking for profit. Drug companies make money from sick people not from healthy people. Look at all the meds you are on, and imagine all the other people on things and think how much the drug companies are making from that.

Try and eat as much raw food as possible, and cut back on cooked oils. And if can, eliminate sugar all together. Try to cut coffee right back as well, maybe drink green tea or other herbal teas that contains antioxidants.

Also herbalfibre blend is beneficial to anyone, but especially if your health isn't 100%, healthy bowels is fundamental for good health: http://www.theaimcompanies.com/herbal-fiberblend.aspx?lid=167

Drink lots of water, and be sure to use a good filter if drinking from the tap to remove as much chlorine and heavy metals as you can. Unfortunatly its quite hard to remove fluoride but can be done if you invest in a good filter system but they are expensive.

ASPARATME: Avoid at all costs its deadly. It is in chewing gums, diet drinks, artificial sweetners and many other things. If you see E951 or other numbers in the 900's on the ingrediants of a product don't consume it.

MSG: Another additive to be avoided at all costs. If you see 621, 631, 635 on the ingrediants of a product do not consume. Its also called a 'flavour enhancer'.

I hope this is helpful, it may seem like a lot to take in but its really quite simple when you compare it to what doctors will prescribe you from the drug companies who have very little interest in your health. I think this sort of thing really requires a major shift in thinking. Ultimatly you need to research the alternatives and your options and decide for yourself.
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I know the area in which I live in as beautiful as it is also is contributing to alot of the nuerological problems Im suffering.I live within a few miles of the notorius chemical valley.A barage of chemical plants and oil refineries that stretch I think about 10 miles of the St calir river in canada.Lou ranger Im sure is familair with it.People in St clair county where i live have the highest cancer and nuerological problems in the state of michigan.I want to move from here very bad but unfortunately Im stuck.What realy bothers me is I had such a great memory at one time and I notice things slipping away almost every day:eek:.
It takes cash to scout around a new area and cash to move into a different place.Im broke no job and incapable of holding one besides theres no jobs here anyways.I thought we might be getting something to help but havent heard anything.So as bad I would like to I see noway at this time.
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There's a home next to me that may be going up for sale soon and my old house in Minneapolis is also for sale. This area hasn't much for industry but the air isn't really polluted either. I think Juiceing may be a good thing for you. I have been thinking about it for my girl and me. My father had strokes and his quitting the cigarettes made a great difference for him. These Mini Strokes can cause some memory loss and paralisis on 1 side of the body for short periods. It could effect your prominant side. My father was right handed and after his massive stroke he had to re learn to write. Smokeing was a major factor with his stroke and he wouldn't have survived another year if he hadn't quit. But Oh man was he a crab!!!! PLEASE for your sake Take care and get your health back!!! 50 is too young I'm 53 and need tyo take some of my own advise.
I sure can appreciate your position. My girl had to quit work in 1999 for medical reasons and had been denied disability. We've tried several times with the same results. So we're living on my little wages but we get along. If it wasn't for a over generous inlaw we'd still be living in N Mpls. Or worse Under a bridge in N Mpls. It take's lots of faith. and some real luck some times.
I have a good juicer thats good news and I also know about drinking carrot juice.I used to drink it every day.Cherry juice is even better for you.Buying 2 bags of carrots everyday got too expensive.The dam smoking I have been trying to quit so far not so good on that.As for buying a house Id rather rent one.For moving further north where the winters are even harsher forget that:yikes:A couple of years ago we were looking into moving towards the west side Muskegon Area.Dam wish I would have acted on impulse and just did it.But then I would have changed history.I probaly wouldnt have found my xs not met any of you guys:thumbsup::wink2:My face is already drooping from having the ministrokes so I guess I just have to live with it.If I could only run or jog everyday that would help I know I need more exercise.Knee problems prevent me from doing that.In June I get better insurance coverage so I can get some health problems treated that my plan wont cover now such as get these blood clots removed,then the titainium rod removed from my left leg and knee replacements.I know smoking isnt good for people that have DDD either which I have pretty bad.
Dammit I had one of thoose nights last night again.Feel like total crap today.I slept half the dam day away to make up for not sleeping last night.:banghead: