Turn Signal/Blinker don't wanna blink no more.


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It happened just a couple days ago. It was working fine, but now when I use the switch to indicate a turn to the left or right, it flashes once but will not remain on the for duration/distance it is supposed to. I'm having to hold down the toggle in the appropriate direction when riding, which kind of works as it will blink until I release.... but I must say, it is annoying.

Any ideas? I took apart the switch housing on the handle bars yesterday and cleaned it out/polished contacts. everything seems fine inside, so thats not the problem.

Ideas? Relay? I think my voltage is fine.
Find the relay and bridge two of the pins to it from the back. On mine it was one of the upper two and the lower one. If they work after that but don't flash, it's your flasher relay. I've heard the volvo 262 relay is all electric and will work no matter what lights you use, led or otherwise. It's pricey but it's going to work if you convert to LED or not. Beyond that I'm trying to fix mine too. I might replace the resistors inside. The relay is actually a tiny circuit with a coil, a few resistors, all inside that tiny tin can thing.
Hey foggie,

If cold and humidity are factors, you might have an issue at your signal switch. Cold would contract metals and make contacts, so would humidity. I'd maybe clean the inside of your switches. (Word of warning: You can spray contact cleaner on the horn button but I'd leave it in place. The spring leaps out if you disassemble it and its the connection in that circuit. Better to not lose it or have to make a replacement like I did.)

There was a ton of old dielectric grease in my switches, and that, combined with old rainwater, had made a lot of disgusting sludge in there. I cleaned it out with electrical contact cleaner and regrounded all the connections after exposing good metal to metal with a brass brush dremel bit. All clean and shiny now.

Good luck, you need a 262 relay. trust me on that. It works when you switch over to LED's too.
Has anyone tried the relays from superbrightleds? I was looking at changing the relay out for LEDs, don't want to bother with resistors if I don't have to.
"Kinda" and depending on the specific LEDs you bought. Some people report their LEDS were simply plug and play, no changes needed. Others report fast blink, others no blink at all, others all 4 blink.

Also, the LS1 has only 2 leads, the OEM Yamaha blinker has 3 leads but all you need to do is NOT connect the lead from the cancellation unit to the OEM blinker to the LS1.

That being said, the LF1 should take are of all the problems except the "all 4 blink" that is caused by side to side blinker feedback of 12V through the blink indicator lamp on the "dashboard". Fixing that requires 2 diodes from your local Radio Shack (about $1) and some minor rewire of the indicator bulb. There are specifics of the rewire in one or 2 other threads on this subject.
I used the LF1-S-flat flasher. Only $8.95 and works great. Just keep it away from the coils. They make it act funny.