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1983 xs400 rear mono shock qestion

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dayna400, May 28, 2012.

  1. dayna400

    dayna400 XS400 New Member

    im new to the xs 400's, im gonna chop and bobber out my rig. i noticed that an 83 has a mono shock set up, is it goning to be possible to add on dual shocks? what do u guys normally do with mono set up? or is 83 a shitty year to have for building a bobber? thanks everyone, like i said im new to these bikes, but i do more of harley sportster bobbers.. i love a bikes!! thanks
  2. bcware

    bcware Well-read Top Contributor

    Can you weld or are you looking for a bolt-on solution?
  3. DanMach

    DanMach XS400 Addict

    Don't follow the crowd! Make a mono shock version of it :p The Maxim and Seca's both have monoshock rear ends, and very similiar frames, while the xs400SE, H, etc etc are all dual rear exterior shocks with SOHC motors and 6 speeds.

    If you are going to chop and bob the bike, I assume you can weld, in which case its terribly difficult.
  4. JARichmond

    JARichmond XSively Addicted

    I feel like you could pull off a decent looking (if not, unique) bobber from a monoshock. If a bobber doesn't work, I can envision something similar and a cult following of your build thread.
    Best of luck!
  5. bentwrench

    bentwrench DOHC Crazy Top Contributor

    For the record, the 83 is the best year for everything. EVERYTHING.
  6. Sandro

    Sandro XS400 Enthusiast

  7. jefpel

    jefpel XS400 Member

    I'm starting a similar project as you, I have an '82 maxim edition, with the monoshock. I'm looking to keep it softtail but do it bobber style. I'm most likely going to start a build thread!

    btw this is my first post on this site! looks like a great place so far!

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