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Welding Table 95% Done

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Travis, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    I thought I'd show you guys what I've been up to over the weekend (and a couple of nights last week).

    Last spring I got some heavy steel plates off of Craigslist to use as a top for a smallish welding/fixture table. Here's a picture of them on the temporary stand I made when I first got them. With both pieces, the table top is only about 32" x 42", but 1-1/4" thick so it weighs about 525lbs. :) The plates were used as machine bases and are flat to within a few thousands. :thumbsup:


    Well nine months later, I finally got around to making a real base for the table...

    I flipped the plates upside down and built the new base for the table using 2" square tubing. It took a lot more work to get this far than I though it would! I'm somewhat of a perfectionist so that didn't help!


    It has 3/8" plates that the corners of each top piece bolt to. Each piece can be individually leveled using set screws. The legs of the base also have swivel leveling feet to level the whole thing. The top has a 2.5" overhang all the way around to make clamping things to it easier.


    Here are a couple of shots of it pretty much done. I just need to add a shelf on the bottom and actually level the top pieces on the base. I might also add a few tool holders.



    My 5" Wilton (Snap-on branded) Vise! Great Craigslist score!

    Putting the table to use.
  2. Arclight88

    Arclight88 XS400 Addict

  3. That table's just a little better than mine! :D
  4. scoutnaround

    scoutnaround XS400 Enthusiast

    wow that is one hell of a table very nice
  5. Large

    Large XS400 Member

    Dead jealous…..I hate all you Americans with your big garages!:banghead:
  6. drewpy

    drewpy Excess twin Top Contributor

  7. xschris

    xschris XS400 Guru Top Contributor

  8. frwinks

    frwinks XS400 Addict

    the table...the frame jig..the equipment in the background...wowzaaaaaaa:smoke:
  9. Gamma

    Gamma XS400 Member

    That table must weigh a ton... how do you move it around?
  10. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    Gamma, The table with the vise mounted weighs about 700 lbs. I move it with a scissor jack on a moving dolly on one side and a car jack on the other. It's not that bad. I don't plan to move it much.

    frwinks, in about a month I will be selling kits for a DIY frame jig about like that one. See the attached image. Regarding all the equipment... it sure is nice to have around but my garage is filling up!

    Everyone else, thanks for the kind words! :thumbsup:

    Attached Files:

  11. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    There are about 23 feet of welds in the base. I just figured that out.. At two inches at a time, no wonder it took so long to make.
  12. frwinks

    frwinks XS400 Addict

    haha.. they're never big enough...
    My buddy is running his operation out of a 100'x40', and complains he should've built a 160x60:D
    I get by with my 12x20 barn, but most of my tools are still in storage...can't wait to have a concrete floor to work on one day:laugh:
  13. OleDoc

    OleDoc FREEBIRDS MC Central NY

    nice table man.love the frame jig:thumbsup:
  14. OleDoc

    OleDoc FREEBIRDS MC Central NY

    hell, man.my shop is about 10' x 15' and i am an american.:laugh:can bareley fit 2 bikes and work on them at the same time,so i have 3 in the dining room:shrug:
  15. domains

    domains Banned

    holy shit thick piece of shit to bang on


    level the bike not the table
  16. dually

    dually XS400 Enthusiast

    My ass, overkill. I would love a thick tabletop like that.

    How much is this frame jig kit gonna run?
  17. domains

    domains Banned

    If your a viking cool... get a magnet level same thing bunch of perfectionists.
  18. volcomskater77

    volcomskater77 XS400 Chopophile Top Contributor

    xs650 frame! blasphemy! lol

    that table looks great. ill be coping that idea when we move into my buddies shop in summer.
  19. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    Yep most people will level the frame jig on the table using leveling feet. Some people will built a stand for the jig and level that. Since I can level my table, I don't need to have leveling feet on the jig. I'll probably offer the kit with leveling feet as an option. I'm not sure on pricing yet. I'll post more on pricing and when they'll be available in the next couple of weeks.
  20. xschris

    xschris XS400 Guru Top Contributor

    Looks like it was built to last.

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