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Hello, I think I have a 1984 Yamaha maxim xs400 DOHC YICS. I had intermittent starting problems where the bike would not crank, and swore it was the battery because it went dead trying to start it. The bike has a new battery now and I jumped the starter solenoid and still nothing. The bike starts fine if you push start it.

My assumption is it's the starter so I have two options, replace the starter, or get brushes. I'm just wondering what is the best choice? Is it even worth trying brushes?

Also where can I get one of these starters? I can't track one down at all besides used ones. It's a Mitsuba SM-7.
Another option is to search your local area for a starter/alternator rebuilder. Most major cities usually have at least one in the area. They'll have the proper tools to check your stators and windings of the unit and may have brushes on hand. I didn't find anything for a 1984 (or 85) Maxim XS400, but did find one for a 1983, but I don't know if they were the exact same or not. My gut says they will be the same, but for some reason the parts houses don't seem to list that 84 and up maxim 400's even existed.
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I might be a dingus and it's an 82. I don't fully remember. I'll check it out thanks!
I don't think you're a dingus. There were 84 and up Maxim/Seca 400's, I think they were xj400 rather than xs400 but they were the same 399cc DOHC twin as far as I can tell. Just google any of those years and you'll see plenty of hits for them. But pop the cover off your current starter and see if it looks the same as the 1983 one. Even still, switching to xj400 on the parts houses doesn't show them though.
Dang I see. I almost want to just become muscular and pop start the thing everywhere lol. I was trying to see if I could rid the electrical and change it to kickstart but I didn't see anyway to do it.

I'm gonna probably remove the starter and test it for now. Maybe try brushes before I go for a new one not sure.