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Here's a bundle of a bunch of useful threads on this forum. I made this before I realized there's a section for this, called the Tech section. So anyways, here you go and enjoy.

Don't forget to check the manual first!

Motorcycle 101:

Some identification of engine parts

General maintenance

How-to: What to do first with your new XS400

Will's (bcware) how-to video thread

Tips and tricks thread including a simple GPS mount how-to, tips for clutch and brake.

Fuel system

Rebuilding petcock

Installing an inline fuel filter

Videos on carburetors
some more on carbs
Idle mixture adjustment (scroll to post by HoughMade)
Removing a stripped pilot jet

Syncing your carbs using a home-made manometer
Another on carb syncing

Fine-tuning your carbs

How to read spark plugs to determine fuel mixture - external website

How-To: Restore a rusty tank

How to deal with a gas cap that won't open

Tires & brakes

Using counteract balancing beads to balance tires

Replacing drum brakes video for a xs650 but the brakes are the same

Rebuilding DOHC master cylinder - external website
Rebuilding master cylinder


How to: Split your crankcase

Removing your engine

Adjusting valve clearance on a DOHC engine - scroll down to bentwrench's post
Adjusting valve clearance on a SOHC engine - translated German how-to

Crankcase internals check

Starter Clutch renovation/ rotor removal


renovating headlight using auto light

Rewire How-To

TCI rebuild (external)
(there is no need to cut hole in cover, just unsolder 10pins that go to connectors)
some tips for TCI (external)

Manufacturing and customizing

How to make a stubby H-pipe for mounting pod type air filters

How-to make a knee-dent tank

Converting to twin disc brakes

how to make your own seat

Quieting mufflers

How to make a LED voltage indicator

Making fiberglass saddle bags

HID headlight conversion

Getting started with welding

Custom seat manufacturing

Installing 2 into 1 MAC exhaust

removing rear suspension cover material

Please let me know what else needs to go in, or what needs to be thrown out.
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great thread Willem...good job :thumbsup: This should be a "sticky" thread on a forum mainpage...
My browser is full of how-to's but I am tired of searching through all bookmarks and folders :D
nah people should just be aware of the TECH section (button next to FORUM, TOPICS) on this site. And there should be an update on there soon as well.
Is there a thread about that then? Show me a link to it and i'll put it in! :)

I thought the procedure for the SOHC bikes was much easier and you just need the manual. then again I have a DOHC, so I wouldn't know
ya we need a good colorful how to thread on adjusting valves on SOHC.. I haven't been able to find one I've been searching. I will check out youtube today see if I can find a good video that will correspond.
stripped pilot jet removal added :)

if anyone is missing a link to a how-to, give me the link and I'll add it to the list :)
what a beautiful how-to do valve clearances on SOHC's... right? Unfortunately my german is not up to scratch to translate, unlike yours perhaps?? ;)
My German is almost perfect:D

but my English says, that's a job for some long winter evenings. But I am in the lucky position that I was part of the writing team and can send the text through a translator.

If I forget, remind me around Christmas.
Will do ;) Maybe if I get really bored I'll have a crack at it some time. I'd have to get pretty damn bored though lol
ok new and improved version of the valve adjustment guide.


  • valveadjustment.xs400-360-200.pdf
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thanks kindest, you honor your name :)

I've added it to the list, and to the ''what to do first with your new xs400'' thread

If you make any changes, please edit the post with the pdf attachment then I don't have to change the links anymore ;)
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added some more stuff :thumbsup:

BTW, if you have requests or suggestions for how-to articles you can post them here too :wink2: